27 White Tile Backsplash Kitchen Ideas for Subtle Character


Published: May 12, 2022
Updated: December 5, 2023

An all-white kitchen does not have to be plain and simple. There are many ways to add interesting accents to your space with unique white tile backsplash kitchen designs. In kitchens with white cabinets, there can often be the risk of the cabinets fading into the background of a white backsplash. 

However, with subtle and strategic use of color, texture, and shapes, a white tile backsplash can actually make your cabinets pop. Consider using white marble with gray veins or black grout on a white subway tile backsplash kitchen as clever methods of adding visual depth. Backsplash tiles with a glossy or glazed finish can also break up the monotony of white. 

Finally, the easiest solution is to play around with different tile shapes, such as grid tiles, herringbone patterns, or staggered tiles. Take a scroll through the following homes that prove a white backsplash tile kitchen is far from boring.

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