30 Living Room Ideas Without a TV You Won’t Want To Leave


Published: March 30, 2024
Updated: February 21, 2024

When it comes to the living room, we often picture a big sofa facing that big black box — the TV. While movie nights and Netflix binges are certainly fun, though, some people are turning to their living areas for a more screen-free experience. It’s simply a matter of centering the room around a different experience or focal point.

It’s not uncommon to now see the TV swapped for extra seating, a fun accent wall, or a crackling fireplace. The goal? To facilitate connection and conversation — or at least have an extra social gathering area outside of the TV room. There are so many ways to style and arrange a living room, sans television. Some possibilities include two sofas facing each other, plush armchairs surrounding a hearth, or a large piece of artwork in lieu of a screen. Ready for a living room overhaul of your own? Check out these amazing living room ideas without a TV for inspiration.

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