30 White Kitchens with Wood Island for the Ultimate Glow Up


Published: July 30, 2022
Updated: November 14, 2023

There is no arguing with the fact that a white kitchen with wood island absolutely embodies the spirit of farmhouse style décor. Whether you are looking to add a classic piece to a modern kitchen or dive into a full rustic style; a wood island can certainly fulfill your expectations. There are infinite ways to incorporate these elements into your kitchen and they can be as elaborate or subtle as you like.

A white kitchen can provide just as much design opportunity as a kitchen filled with color. With an endless variety of textures available it will be an adventure just exploring all your options. As for wood islands, they present a whole new opportunity. A wood island can be any size or design you can imagine, and with all the varying shades of wood they can be made to fit in with any aesthetic you are going for. Explore the world of white kitchens with wood islands below and see all the ways you can spruce up your space.

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