30 Farmhouse Kitchen Backsplash Ideas to Fire Up Your Home

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May 12, 2022
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The backsplash tiling in a farmhouse kitchen is generally designed to be very distinctive and full of character. There are a few different farmhouse kitchen backsplash ideas to help any homeowner get the look right. A white subway tile backsplash is one of the most popular options, particularly for white kitchen cabinets, but tiles in different colors and patterns will allow you to let your personality shine. 

Explore other neutral shades like gray, black or tan, and don’t shy away from a mosaic of colors. In terms of tile shape, herringbone or arabesque tiles create more interesting patterns and can be used in combination with traditional rectangular tiles for an accent wall behind the stove. Brick is a unique material for kitchens with a rustic feel, while stone slabs are great as a modern farmhouse kitchen backsplash. Keep reading for ideas on the right kitchen backsplash for your farmhouse home.

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