Must-Haves for a Functional and Purposeful Pantry, According to Designers


Published: April 24, 2024
Updated: February 21, 2024

Though such a small detail in home design, pantries possess the power to make or break a home buying or leasing agreement. We often think about appliances, table space, and the overall appearance of a kitchen, but what is a kitchen without a functional and purposeful pantry? They go far beyond food storage, and having a space that is organized and clean can transform your family’s routine from one that is disheveled and unpredictable into one that is efficient and habitual.

Kitchens have various layouts, including those with a walk-in butler-style pantry, to those with a small closet or cabinetry. Whether it be through the use of baskets or optimal shelving, your pantry should be a reflection of how your kitchen is used. Venturing into the world of aesthetics, appliance placement, and even additional counter space, our readers and interior designers are here to spill the tea on the best and brightest pantry trends. Read on for all their best tips and tricks!

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