21 Gorgeous White Kitchen Cabinets with Black Hardware Ideas


Published: April 22, 2023
Updated: December 14, 2023

Farmhouse white kitchen cabinets with black hardware offer an everlasting look that will never lose its charm. Because it results in a very neat and contemporary look, combining the two colors can add so much to your kitchen. White cabinets are well-known for being bright and crisp, making them an in-demand choice for farmhouse kitchens. You can choose from various styles, including raised panel doors, shaker doors, and even plain wood panels.

While the white color of the cabinets will make the kitchen space appear larger than it is, the pairing of white cabinets and black hardware lends a modern and sleek look that will appeal to most homeowners. If you’re looking to adopt this design style in your kitchen, check out this inspirational collection of farmhouse white kitchen cabinets with black hardware ideas.

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