Camila Lyons

Camila Lyons, Interior Designer

Lead Designer and Co-Founder of ALVA Design Studio
Interior Design
Interior Architecture
Architectural Design
Millwork Design
Interior Design Technology, Lethbridge College
Meet Camila, a designer whose lifelong passion has been cultivated by a rich, bicultural upbringing spanning South America and North America. This unique journey allowed her to witness firsthand the profound impact of cultural nuances on the aesthetics and functionality of living spaces. With these insights, she has joined forces with her husband to establish ALVA Design Studio, a pioneering virtual design studio. Their platform is founded on the principle of borderless creativity, underpinned by comprehensive research and a deep understanding of their clients’ individual lifestyles. It is their mission to craft harmonious environments that are visually striking and resonate on a personal level with those who inhabit them.


  • Camila has been honored with the title of Best Interior Designer of 2023 in Lethbridge, AB, Canada, a testament to her exceptional talent and visionary work within the local community.
  • A staunch advocate for women’s empowerment, Camila has cultivated a diverse team of six professional women from various regions of South America, each bringing a unique design expertise. This dynamic team excels in delivering high-quality and comprehensive design services across the full spectrum of design disciplines.



  • Renowned for her signature style, Camila specializes in the design of modern and transitional homes and cabins. Her designs are distinguished by their seamless integration with the natural environment, using the beauty of nature itself as the ultimate decorative feature.
  • Camila excels in crafting hyper realistic 3D renderings, offering clients a crystal-clear vision of their space, allowing them to fully visualize the completed project with remarkable precision and clarity.
  • With a global footprint, Camila’s portfolio spans across North America, adhering to stringent local codes, and extends to international projects including Dubai, UAE, and select locales in Europe, showcasing her versatility and compliance with a diverse range of architectural standards.
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