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Welcome to Soul & Lane, your haven of home inspiration.

We are here to celebrate the intricate art of home decor, blending timeless elegance with the freshest trends, handpicked to inspire and resonate with you. At Soul & Lane, we go beyond just curating; we share attainable, vibrant, and genuine ideas that breathe life into every space, making your home a reflection of your spirit.

Mission Statement

At Soul & Lane, we cherish the beauty and personal touch that a well-decorated space can bring to a home. Our mission is straightforward: we spotlight creators who add personality and warmth to every room, making the dream of having a magazine-worthy home attainable without breaking the bank.

How We Do It

Curated Posts: Our hand-picked posts revolve around specific decor elements, trends, and rooms, bringing you the freshest and most inspiring ideas from around the globe.

Community Insights: Leverage the wisdom of a community that shares genuine experiences, discussing the pros and cons of various decor solutions openly and honestly.

Product Guides: Our professional interior designers and decorators meticulously research and curate products, presenting you with collections that can transform your home while saving you time.

Our Story

It all started with a simple apartment remodel that our founder undertook. Faced with a whirlpool of choices, the simple task of choosing the right color for kitchen cabinets and hardware metamorphosed into endless hours spent on social media, scrolling through design inspirations.

This journey illuminated a realization: the true essence of home décor inspiration lies in the experiences of real people, with real homes, sharing their authentic journeys of transforming spaces, one room at a time. Soul & Lane spotlights these genuine creators and home enthusiasts, fostering a vibrant community sharing more than just décor ideas but their personal triumphs, mishaps, and heartfelt stories.

Who We Are

Zakhar Ivanisov

Founder & General Manager

Meet Zakhar Ivanisov, the founder and creative force behind Soul & Lane. Based in Seattle, WA, Zakhar has dedicated the last seven years to the interior decorating industry, establishing a reputation as a design expert and home goods innovator.

Zakhar’s journey into the world of interior décor was not traditional. He started his career as an entrepreneur and later pursued an MBA degree at the prestigious University of Virginia.

His exceptional understanding of style, trends, and functionality has allowed him to create Soul & Lane, a platform that resonates with a broad audience. Collaborating with a team of talented designers, he has also developed and launched a successful line of home goods, including chic storage boxes and textiles, which are now sold in major retailers across the U.S.

Zakhar’s journey reflects his belief that design is not just about aesthetics but also functionality and comfort. Through Soul & Lane, he shares his design philosophy, aiming to inspire others to transform their homes into personal sanctuaries that are both beautiful and functional.

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Laura Schmits

Senior Editor

Laura is a décor professional and senior editor at Soul & Lane. She is also a middle school English and Social Studies teacher, trail runner, world traveler, and twin mom. She blogs about all things home decor, parenting, and education. You can learn more about her at www.crackedvases.com

When she has time in her busy schedule, you’ll find Laura tearing apart rooms in her house and putting her DIY skills to use to create new, inviting spaces. She loves getting her hands dirty with new projects and seeing her home design visions become reality!

Laura is located in the mountains of Colorado.

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Samantha Hiatt

Samantha Hiatt


Meet Samantha, a mother, freelance writer, and Family and Consumer Sciences, Educator. Associated with this curriculum is a certification in interior design that initially sparked her love for curating beautiful spaces.

As a child, she grew up in a military family, exposing her to a myriad of architectural home styles. This taught her that every kind of room can be beautiful, be it large or small, with a vision and the right decor. Samantha’s style can be described as a little glam and a little vintage. She loves finding polished antiques that can be blended with modern sparkly elements.

In her free time, she enjoys playing the piano, reading, baking, exercising, and spending time with her family. She loves to travel and hopes to explore the world with her husband and little ones someday.

She is based in Virginia.

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Taylor Travers


Taylor is a full-time writer with supreme love for literature and storytelling. The only thing that brings her greater joy than books, is baking the perfect dessert.

When it comes to home décor, Taylor is obsessed with creating decorations from scratch and refinishing seemingly helpless furniture. It is her belief that anything can be turned into a masterpiece.

Taylor is based in Toronto, Canada.

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Soul & Lane's Home Decor Review Board

We recognize the challenge of sourcing credible, professional advice for your home decor queries. To ensure that every idea, inspiration, and color combo you find on our site meets the highest standards of the design industry, our board is made up of the best in the business.

Soul & Lane’s Home Decor Review Board brings together a diverse and esteemed group of professionals that include interior designers, experienced architects, seasoned interior decorators, and color consultants. Each of these experts not only possesses a profound understanding of design aesthetics and principles but also boasts years of hands-on client work from various corners of the globe. Their collective experiences mean that our readers benefit from a rich collection of design insights, drawing from varied cultures and design philosophies. Every member has been meticulously chosen based on their distinguished backgrounds, comprehensive knowledge of design, and their unique, global perspectives that enrich our content.

Artem Kropovinsky

Artem Kropovinsky

Interior Designer and Founder of Arsight

Meet Artem Kropovinsky, an interior design expert and the founder of Arsight, a global award-winning design firm based in New York City with over a decade of experience in residential and commercial interior design. With a cohesive team of professionals, Arsight specializes in tackling complex projects, including new constructions, complete residential renovations, restaurants, and retail stores. Their designs embrace authenticity and originality, utilizing natural materials and handcrafted elements for a unique and cohesive aesthetic.

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Jamie Murray

Jamie Murray

Interior Designer and Owner of Rift Sawn Studio

Jamie Murray is an experienced and multi-talented interior designer with over a decade of industry experience. Her creative and collaborative approach results in unique, tailored designs that elevate the lifestyle of her clients. She has worked on a range of projects, including with the renowned AD100 designer Ken Fulk. She grew up in the beaches of Los Angeles, and has lived in both the city and countryside of Northern California, giving her a unique understanding of the needs of both urban and rural clients. When not designing, Jamie enjoys cooking, skiing, hiking, and spending time with her two beloved dogs.

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Katie Perry

Katie Ella Perry

Interior Designer and Founder of Katie Ella Perry Interiors

Katie Ella Perry is a seasoned interior designer with a cosmopolitan flair, having enriched her expertise with international experiences in Australia and Peru before founding ‘Katie Ella Perry Interiors’ in the UK. With a background in marketing and a heart deeply rooted in design and architecture, she specializes in elevating ordinary spaces to extraordinary havens of elegance, comfort, and personality.

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Jelena Veljkovic

Jelena Veljkovic

Interior Designer

Jelena’s passion for design, which took root during her architectural studies, blossomed with a Master’s degree in Interior Design from the Faculty of Technical Sciences, where she also contributed as a research-trainee in the Department of Architecture and Urbanism. Her career highlight includes participating in the National exhibition of the Republic of Serbia at the 2019 Prague Quadrennial, showcasing her keen eye for detail and artistic flair. With a diverse clientele from Croatia to South Korea since 2014, Jelena brings a unique global perspective to her specialty in residential interiors, infusing living spaces with atmospheric details that create the perfect ambiance. Her work not only reflects her technical expertise but also her distinct philosophy on creating engaging, harmonious environments.

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Guiding Principles of the Editorial Team


At the heart of our work is a nurturing space that celebrates every individual’s journey in home decor. Our skilled team of writers, editors, and interior designers is dedicated to meeting the needs and aspirations of our dynamic community, providing reliable and current insights based on heartfelt experiences in home decor.

Collaborative Spirit

We believe in the power of collective wisdom. Our approach encourages collaboration, valuing practical insights derived from genuine experiences. This creates a rich and supportive environment for all home decor enthusiasts to learn, grow, and share.

Ethical Affiliate Marketing

Trust and impartiality ground our affiliate relationships. We commit to recommending only products and services that align with our audience’s needs, ensuring that each suggestion comes from a place of genuine appreciation and understanding of what our community values.

No Sponsored Content

We maintain a strict no-sponsored-content policy. This ensures that every story and advice shared stems from a place of genuine passion and experience, safeguarding a space where authenticity reigns supreme.

Transparency in Authorship

We believe in giving credit where it is due. Every article clearly attributes the contributions of each individual involved in its crafting, promoting a culture of respect, acknowledgment, and transparency. This gives readers a window into the dedicated team that brings each piece to life.

Unaltered, Authentic Imagery

Our platform is a haven for true visual storytelling. We are committed to presenting unaltered photos, duly credited to their creators, to foster a gallery of vibrant and genuine visual narratives that beautifully accompany our rich content tapestry.

Diversity in Visual Narratives

Embracing diversity is a cornerstone in our content creation. We are committed to showcasing a rich and varied array of visual stories that resonate with the vibrant, multifaceted community we serve. This ensures that Soul & Lane remains a hub for colorful, inclusive, and enriching narratives that celebrate diversity in every form.

The Life Cycle of an Article

At Soul & Lane, every article blossoms through a collaborative and meticulous process, attentively guided at every stage to ensure a harmonious blend of expertise and passion.

Conceptualization by Interior Designers: Our journey begins with our interior designers selecting captivating images to set a visual tone that aligns seamlessly with the forthcoming content, laying a strong foundation for the narrative to build upon.

Crafting by Expert Writers: With a foundation in place, our seasoned writers, all fervent home décor enthusiasts, take the reins, weaving vibrant narratives and insightful analysis to breathe life into each article.

Editorial Oversight: Upholding the high standards Soul & Lane is renowned for, our editorial team scrutinizes every detail, enhancing clarity and ensuring factual accuracy to present content that is both trustworthy and compelling.

Publication: Culminating a rigorous creative process, the polished article finally graces our platform, ready to inspire readers and guide them on their enriching journey in the world of home décor.

Soul & Lane Affiliate Disclosure

We are devoted to helping you sculpt a home that mirrors your dreams and aspirations. To facilitate this mission, we use affiliate links to fund the operations of our website, ensuring we can continually offer you fresh and inspiring home décor content.

What are Affiliate Links?

Simply put, affiliate links are unique links that notify retailers that we referred you. When you buy products through these links, we may earn a small commission at no additional cost to you. This revenue is vital in maintaining Soul & Lane, allowing us to create the content you love.

To maintain transparency, we place a succinct disclosure at the beginning of each article, linking to this page for a detailed explanation. This way, it’s the first thing you see, keeping honesty at the forefront.

Our dedication to unbiased reviews remains unwavering. Our talented team of interior designers curates product guides with your best interest at heart, unaware of the commission rates, ensuring genuine recommendations every time.

Affiliate Programs and Their Relevance

We primarily partner with Amazon.com and the LTK program due to their extensive collection of products and reputable brands. This alignment ensures we can offer a rich and diverse array of home décor options without bias towards any specific brand, providing you with impartial advice and suggestions.

Amazon.com Disclosure

Soul & Lane is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program which is an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Amazon.com. Amazon, the Amazon logo, AmazonSupply, and the AmazonSupply logo are trademarks of Amazon.com, Inc. or its affiliates. In other words, as an Amazon Associate, we earn from qualifying purchases.

Adherence to Program and FTC Requirements

We abide by all the regulations set forth by our affiliate programs and the FTC, pledging our commitment to adhere to these guidelines diligently, ensuring a trustworthy relationship with you, our valued visitor.

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