35 Front Door Trim Ideas For Your Entryway


Published: December 10, 2022
Updated: November 15, 2023

Front door trim is used to cover the edges of siding along your door and highlight the architectural design of your home’s exterior. Door trim can make a front door look more substantial and frame it as the focal point of your house. The style, material, and color of your exterior front door trim will have an influence on what kind of mood you create. Natural wood is a great material for exterior door trim because of how easily it can be painted to match any siding.

A front door and trim do not necessarily have to be the same color. It is common to use contrasting colors to emphasize the casing, but if you prefer to have a more seamless look, a matching door and trim will make its own unique style statement. To get you started on your next home project, here is a selection of front door trim ideas worth adding to your inspiration board.

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