35 Distinctive Ideas for Including Lantern Decor


Published: January 2, 2023
Updated: November 30, 2023

Lantern décor is a delightful tool that will add a distinctive look to any space where it is used. The use of lanterns in home décor may have begun as a way of creating a vintage look, but it has expanded to include lanterns that complement any aesthetic.

The warm glow of a lantern is an unforgettable accent, especially during the holiday season when traditional lighting won’t do. Place these nostalgic accessories around your Christmas tree or fireplace for a cozy touch. Speaking of illumination, setting lanterns on your front porch steps will create a welcoming trail of light for your guests. Even without light, these pieces will enhance your décor. Try arranging these accessories on a dining table or kitchen island to create a unique centerpiece. These are just a few examples of how lantern décor can enrich your home. Have a look below for more stunning ideas!

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