35 Window Trim Ideas to Revitalize Your Space


Published: November 11, 2022
Updated: December 1, 2023

You would be surprised at how refreshing the look of your window trims can completely transform your living space. The greatest works of art would never be placed in an unattractive frame, so neither should the windows of your home! Whether you opt for simply painting your existing frames, or staining and woodwork to surround your windows, the window trim ideas you showcase in your home should reflect your personal tastes and style.

Painting your window trim to match your existing wall color can give the illusion of a bigger, lighter room, which is a great option for small spaces, such as snugs, stairways and entryways. Alternatively, a contrasting trim creates a focal point in your room and can highlight accent colors you already have. Why not try a sage window trim, which complements the foliage and cushions you own? Read on for more ideas on how to invigorate your window trims.

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