30 Front Step Ideas to Welcome Guests and Boost Curb Appeal


Published: January 28, 2023
Updated: November 15, 2023

The front steps of a home can add instant curb appeal and make a great first impression on visitors. They can also be designed to accentuate different aesthetics. For instance, modern front steps ideas often feature clean lines and minimal design elements. One popular trend for modern front steps is to use large, slabs of natural stone or concrete for the steps themselves. This gives a sleek and contemporary look while also providing a durable surface.

Another popular option is red brick front steps, which are a classic and timeless option that can add character to any home. The warm and rustic tones of the brick can complement a variety of architectural styles. Many homeowners use red brick steps in a traditional herringbone pattern to create a visually striking look. Another option is to use red brick as a border around concrete or stone steps, which can create a nice contrast between the different materials.

Regardless of the materials you chose, there are some basic decorations that can add interest to your home’s front steps, including potted plants or flowers or colorful welcome mats. Hanging a wreath or other decorative item on the front door can also add a nice touch. Additionally, you can use lighting to highlight your steps at night, for instance, by placing lanterns along the sides of the front steps. For ideas on how to create welcoming front steps, keep reading!

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