35 Door Trim Ideas to Put Your Entrance in Perspective


Published: December 20, 2022
Updated: December 1, 2023

The trim around your door is a finishing touch that can pull an entryway or interior together. Coordinating doors with each other or to the rest of your space can make them look sharp and fresh.

Your choices about the trim for your door include things like colors, materials, and shape. Will you go with a matching color, a coordinating color, or one that offers a strong contrast? Consider the colors that are already in your room when planning your palette. Trim materials often match the door, but they don’t have to. You might match the trim of the rest of the room, such as the baseboards or a board and batten wall, for example.

Shapes might include squared, angled, or rounded door trims. There are decorative elements available too, such as crown molding, or practical ones, such as transom windows and sidelights. If you’re ready to see more, let’s open the way for some fun and useful door trim ideas!

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