35 Metal Tree Collar Ideas for Any Christmas Tree


Published: December 22, 2022
Updated: November 21, 2023

There are several options when it comes to covering the base of your Christmas tree. A metal tree collar is a popular alternative to the traditional tree skirt. Metal tree collars bring a clean and modern design to your holiday décor. Whether you decide on a metal skirt in silver, gold, bronze, copper, or black, metal will help accent and accentuate your tree’s beauty.

Metal tree skirts can come with different finishes to match the style of your home. Galvanized tree collars add rustic charm to your Christmas decorations, while hammered metal collars are a way to give your tree design additional texture. Some metal tree skirts can even come with stencil lettering for a personalized touch. Before you start decorating your tree this year, take a look through some of our favorite metal tree skirt ideas.

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