49 Pencil Christmas Tree Decorating Ideas This Holiday Season


Published: November 1, 2022
Updated: October 30, 2023

A pencil Christmas tree is a popular holiday decorating option for small spaces. Pencil trees are well-suited for placement in the corner of a living room, bedroom, or dining room and can even be perched in tighter areas such as a stair landing or entryway hallway. Slim Christmas trees are also frequently used as an additional Christmas tree in a room or as an accent on either side of an entrance door, sideboard, or buffet table.

Decorating a pencil Christmas tree can be a fun activity. Highlight the narrow shape by wrapping thick tree ribbons or garlands around the tree or finish off the tree with a large tree topper. If you want your pencil Christmas trees to take up a bit more space, add a tree skirt or collar and accessorize with other decor pieces along the base. Check out the following slim pencil Christmas tree decorating ideas to get you started this holiday season.

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