25 Cozy and Chic Ottoman in Front of Fireplace Ideas


Published: May 3, 2024
Updated: March 28, 2024

No place on earth rivals the coziness of being perched on an ottoman in front of a fireplace. The variable sizes and shapes of ottomans make them the perfect accessory to go alongside any fireplace. Choose a couple of cube ottomans for a smaller fireplace or a more obvious bench style for fireplaces with a larger frame to make your living room an oasis of warmth.

You may find that there is not always room for a coffee table and an ottoman or that they simply cannot coexist. Luckily, ottomans aren’t just for seating. They are multi-purpose pieces that can double as coffee tables with a more cushioned frame. You may even find that you prefer these pieces to a coffee table once you see how stylish they look when topped with a tray of accessories.

Finding the perfect pieces for your living room depends on the space size and style, so explore all your options when searching for the perfect ottoman to sit beside your fireplace, even if they are a little quirky!

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