22 Black Canopy Bed Ideas That Instantly Create a Focal Point


Published: April 4, 2022
Updated: December 5, 2023

Canopy bed frames can come in a few different colors, but there is something about a black canopy bed that makes it extremely popular. Perhaps it is the bold, unapologetic confidence of a black canopy bed frame that makes it so perfect as a focal point in many bedrooms. 

The stark yet stylish lines of a black bed canopy look artful in a white bedroom, while black bedrooms (or bedrooms with a black accent wall) benefit from the quiet grandeur of a matching bed frame. If you want to soften the industrial edges of a black metal canopy bed, tie sheer curtains to each corner or hang string lights or garland along the top. 

A black wood canopy bed is another option if you are pulling together a warmer, more traditional farmhouse bedroom. No matter what style you choose, the sleek appeal of a black canopy bed will be exactly what your bedroom needs.

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