37 Farmhouse Rug Ideas for Living Room You Can’t Live Without


Published: March 21, 2022
Updated: December 5, 2023

Farmhouse living rooms are known for their warm and welcoming character, achieved largely through comfortable furniture and a playful mix of textures. A farmhouse rug for living room is a quick and easy way of adding cozy texture to your home, along with protecting your floors in high traffic areas. When laid underneath a couch and coffee table setup, living room rugs act as a backdrop to your furniture, pulling them together into a single, cohesive look. 

Vintage area rugs are a particularly popular option in farmhouse homes, along with styles such as braided jute rugs, diamond pattern rugs, or woven fringe rugs. Farmhouse area rugs may be humble, but your living room most certainly would not be complete without them. Check out the following farmhouse rug ideas for living room to see how you can use this finishing touch in your home.

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