19 Grey Modern Farmhouse Living Room Designs You’ll Love


Published: August 4, 2022
Updated: December 4, 2023

Grey is a great color to use in a modern farmhouse living room because of how classic and chic it is. There are many design tips when it comes to pulling together a grey modern farmhouse living room. If your living room walls are painted a shade of grey, fill the space with simple and cozy furniture in neutral shades and use grey as an additional accent color on throw pillows, blankets, and table decor.

The color can also be used on furniture itself. A modern farmhouse living room grey sofa is the perfect starting point for building out the rest of your decor. Complement the couch with a stained wood coffee table and soft patterned rug. Add finishing touches like black metal accents, minimalist table lamps, and simple sofa pillows.

For more ideas, check out the following grey farmhouse living rooms that are modern yet oh-so-inviting.

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