27 Wagon Wheel Chandeliers in Living Room to Blend Right in


Published: March 23, 2022
Updated: November 21, 2023

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Wagon wheel chandeliers are an extremely common lighting option for farmhouse living rooms. A wagon wheel chandelier in living room is an eye-catching feature that will add rustic charm to your home. This lighting fixture is, as its name suggests, a chandelier that looks like a wagon wheel. Generally circular with candle lights, these round chandeliers can be small or large, and may come in a two tier design for a bolder look. 

A black wheel chandelier pairs wonderfully against white ceilings, and when ceilings are high or vaulted, a larger scale chandelier will fill out the space perfectly. If your living room allows for it, don’t be afraid to install more than one chandelier — two wagon wheel chandeliers hung beside each other look incredibly impressive. No matter what style you choose, we can assure you a wagon wheel chandelier in living room will not go unnoticed.

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