28 Cozy Living Room Farmhouse Wall Decor Ideas


Published: March 1, 2023
Updated: November 15, 2023

Farmhouse decor is popular and inviting. It is all about neutral colors, rustic textures, wood trim, and potted plants. The farmhouse aesthetic can also include minimalist and modern designs. Because the style is so simple, it’s also versatile, which makes it perfect for living rooms.

You can incorporate signs, images, framed mirrors, wall baskets, and small shelves to achieve this look. Adding small accessories such as candles, blankets, wood bead garlands, and lamps can complete the look. The farmhouse style also makes it easy to add seasonal decor to your living room without having to completely redecorate. If you are planning to create a farmhouse living room design, check out this collection of living room farmhouse wall decor ideas and let them inspire you.

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