29 Stair Landing Ideas for a Creative Use of Space


Published: October 22, 2022
Updated: November 11, 2023

A stair landing is a platform constructed at the point a staircase changes direction, between flights of stairs, or at the top of a flight of stairs. From small and understated to large and grand, stair landings can come in a variety of sizes. However, no matter how much space you have to play with, a staircase landing is a prime location to get creative.

For small landing stairs, look for simple or wall mounted stair landing decor, such as mirrors, artwork, or planters. If you have a larger stair landing platform, you may be able to decorate with pendant lights, chairs, benches, rugs, or tables. But when all else fails, there is nothing wrong with forgoing staircase landing decor and letting the space speak for itself! Check out the following stair landing decorating ideas to inspire you to make the most of your stairs.

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