30 Exquisite Stairwell Décor Ideas to Upgrade Your Stairs

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February 20, 2023
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It is easy to forget about decorating a stairwell. It’s just one of those areas that we don’t always prioritize within our décor budget. But there are a few easy and affordable ways to cozy up the space and style the landings so that it matches the theme of the rest of your home. This transitional space also serves as a connection between different areas of your home but links them together through a common aesthetic.

As you’ll see in the beautiful photos we have featured in this article, sometimes all you need to play up your stairwell is some warm lighting from candles or lanterns and a few photo frames or wall art pieces. You can make the design look more sophisticated by laying out portraits and art pieces, gallery style. If you want to budget a bit more towards your stair décor, you can consider indoor plants, small console tables with accent decor, or seating benches.

Let’s check out how these homeowners styled their stairwells like pros and see if you’re interested in replicating any of their techniques within your own home!

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