27 Shower Niche Trim Ideas to Finish Off Your Shower


Published: October 22, 2022
Updated: November 16, 2023

Shower niche trim is a finishing touch for your showers to help blend in the edges of a recessed shelf. There are many options available for shower niche edge trim, no matter what style of tile you have chosen for your shower niche. A shower niche with schluter trim is a popular option that provides a smooth edge without the need for caulking. Schluter trim is usually made of PVC or metal, such as aluminum, steel, or brass that conceals the raw edge of your niche.

Alternatively, shower niche pencil trim offers more of a border around your shelf. Pencil trim is made of thin, cylindrical pieces of tile with rounded edges—similar to the shape and size of the pencil. For more inspiration, here are several shower niche trim ideas to get you started on your next reno project.

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