15 Herringbone Floor Tile Ideas for Extra Character


Published: April 21, 2022
Updated: December 5, 2023

Herringbone floor tile is making a huge comeback in home decor. This unexpected tile pattern is well liked for its ability to jazz up any space. Herringbone describes an angular design that resembles the shape and bone structure of herring fish. Not to be confused with chevron (where tiles are fitted together to form a symmetrical V pattern), herringbone tile is characterized by its broken zigzag pattern. 

This asymmetry creates a sense of movement that helps smaller spaces feel bigger and more dynamic. Herringbone tile is popular for bathroom floors or as accent tiles in a hallway or mudroom. The unique pattern can be accentuated with different color grout, or alternatively transformed into a subtler statement with wider tiles in a neutral shade. Take a look below for some inspiration on all the different ways a herringbone tile floor can be used to make a space more interesting.

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