19 Sensational Black Hexagon Tile Ideas for a Vibrant Home


Published: November 14, 2022
Updated: December 1, 2023

When you take a look at these sensational black hexagon tile ideas, you’ll realize that black is anything but a boring color. The black hexagon floor tile is stunning when paired with a white wallpaper with a subtle black design or a white subway tile shower.

The hexagon black tile brings a subtle yet vibrant style to your home. Just think about a small black hexagon tile with grey grout breathing life to a bathroom. Or a large black hexagon tile with black grout providing a fascinating pattern to your bathroom floor. Picture, if you will, a large white tub on a black hexagon floor tile with white grout.

The best part about hexagon black tile floors is that they provide years of vibrant style to your home. So browse through this sensational collection of black hexagon tile ideas to see how they bring life to a home.

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