Annuska Menoita

Annuska Scholten Menoita

Lead Interior Designer at Wonder Group
Interior Design
Materiality and Emotive Design
3D Design
Spatial Experiences
Architectural Knowledge and Technicality
University of Auckland
Annuska is a crafty interior designer with a strong foundation from the University of Auckland. Over her professional journey, she has woven emotion and materiality into diverse projects, ranging from luxury residences to dynamic retail and hospitality spaces. Her dedication to elevating the human experience through thoughtful design is evident in her portfolio.




  • Annuska played a vital role in the design of the esteemed Half Moon Bay luxury village in the Anhui Provence, China, while at Bonham Architecture and Interiors, NZ. The project encompassed 14 apartment buildings, 72 villas, a commercial village, and a wellness center.
  • She demonstrates expertise in high-end interiors with an unwavering focus on architectural detailing. Her approach, marked by precision and sophistication, defines interiors that seamlessly blend comfort with functionality.
  • Recognized for her expertise in retail and hospitality interiors, Annuska specializes in creating immersive experiences through the strategic use of materiality and lighting. From boutique retail spaces to dynamic hospitality venues, her work transcends conventional design, elevating atmospheres and captivating visitors on a sensory level.
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