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Taylor is a full-time writer with a supreme love for literature and storytelling. The only thing that brings her greater joy than books is baking the perfect dessert. When it comes to home décor, Taylor is obsessed with creating decorations from scratch and refinishing seemingly helpless furniture. She believes that anything can be turned into a masterpiece.

About Taylor

When a breath of coolness hits the air, Taylor is ready to switch out all remnants of summer for warm colors and cozy blankets. As a fan of anything that glitters, her main goal is to blend the worlds of cozy décor and glamorous accessories. While she likes to take on some large projects, periodically overhauling entire rooms (and immediately regretting it), her specialty is making the most of small details and keeping her home designs fresh by featuring a selection of seasonal items. When decorating a space, Taylor reveres imperfections and quirky details and works to incorporate these elements into her designs.



Taylor has contributed over 300 articles to Soul & Lane on home decor and interior design. She’s tackled everything from cozy winter table decor to the elegance of marble bathroom countertops, and from the practicality of kitchen island lighting to the whimsy of holiday-themed decor. Taylor’s articles span across various themes including farmhouse aesthetics, modern design elements, and seasonal decorations, blending creative ideas with practical advice.



Taylor is based in Toronto, Canada.

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