23 Ways To Upgrade a Bathroom With Accent Tile in a Shower


Published: December 7, 2023
Updated: December 7, 2023

Accent tile in a shower can mean a variety of different things. There are countless ways to design a space specific to your style, so don’t be afraid to explore intricate new designs from shower niches and accent walls. There is something for everyone when experimenting with shower tile, whether you prefer vibrant colors or prefer using patterns to make a statement.

It’s impossible to get over the incredible look of a shower niche tiled to perfection. Often these compact spaces benefit from a smaller tile with bold colors or attractive patterns to capture attention. Using mosaics or installing a single vertical or horizontal line with unique designs is a fun way to express your creative side. The alternative is committing to a fully tiled shower featuring one type of tile. In this case, you want to choose a tile that has the power to astound with no need for details or accents. Find your style below with some fantastic examples of accent tile in a shower.

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