23 Custom Cabinet End Panels for a High-End Design


Published: December 17, 2023
Updated: December 12, 2023

Cabinet end panels keep your kitchen looking good from every angle while adding a customized appearance to the room. These panels are the finishing touch on an already well-designed kitchen and can add a clean finish that the best designers are able to achieve.

You often find these end panels on a kitchen island where the sides are displayed in the center of the kitchen. One way to make sure the look stands out is to match it with a similar element in the room. That means adding shiplap panels if they are used on the surrounding walls or farmhouse X designs if you are designing a farmhouse-style space. Not every area benefits from decorative panels. Some look better with a simple flat panel painted in a flattering shade that matches the aesthetic.

Let the gallery of ideas below inspire you to find the cabinet end panels that suit your kitchen.

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