24 High Ceiling Living Room Ideas for a Grand Appearance


Published: December 23, 2023
Updated: December 12, 2023

Design a space fit for royalty with these high-ceiling living room ideas that create a grand appearance. High ceilings open a new world of options that aren’t possible in rooms with a traditional ceiling height. These spaces have a glorious appearance just waiting for your custom enhancements and creativity.

Fireplace walls that extend to the ceiling are features that can be decorated in countless ways. You can cover the wall with wooden planks, stacked stone, red brick, or any other decorative material you adore. Choosing a material that doesn’t match the surrounding walls makes the design more impactful. A magnificent chandelier is one accessory that you may want to consider. This simple element can give the area a more manageable and cozy appearance. Just be sure the chandelier shares the same lavish quality as the space it occupies.

Peruse the gallery below for more high-ceiling living room ideas!

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