21 Charming Shiplap Mudrooms That Maximize Style


Published: December 10, 2023
Updated: December 10, 2023

Creating your own shiplap mudroom is one way to show your precious utility space just how much you appreciate it. Incorporating shiplap can include many different options, from full walls to shallow recessed areas. Consider the room you are working with and find the style that fits your needs.

Begin your shiplap journey with a hint of country charm, which is a great start for lovers of the farmhouse or cottagecore aesthetic. To tone down this look, install a vertical shiplap as a backboard for a storage bench. Not every version of shiplap must include a pristine white appearance. Cater to your dream design and explore different color options, perhaps a mint green, light gray, or beige. Enhance the look with flooring that can share the spotlight without minimizing the main feature. Dig into some incredible shiplap mudroom ideas found in our gallery below.

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