31 Modern Wainscoting Ideas That Are Full of Style


Published: January 11, 2023
Updated: November 30, 2023

Nothing adds visual interest to your walls quite like wainscoting. Modern wainscoting comes in a variety of beautiful and minimalist looks that do not skimp on style. Defined as wood paneling that is fitted along the lower portion of a wall, wainscoting was originally designed to protect walls against scuffs and damage. Nowadays, wainscoting remains a popular decorative element thanks to its aesthetic appeal.

For modern homes, board and batten is commonly used because of its clean lines. The paneling can be painted in different colors, such as pink, beige, black, or gray to give the wainscoting extra oomph. It can also be painted white and paired with a colorful wall for a contemporary look. Whether for your stairway, living room, bathroom, dining room, office, or entryway hallway, a modern wainscoting wall will give your home the extra style points it needs.

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