34 Easy Ways to Update Your Lounge with a Large Square Coffee Table


Published: January 13, 2023
Updated: January 13, 2023

34 Easy Ways to Update Your Lounge with a Large Square Coffee Table

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January 13, 2023
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A large square coffee table is often considered the heart of the living room, and creates a focal point that you relax around, chat across, and provides a space to share snacks. This central piece of furniture is what brings other features together. Sofas and armchairs surround it, rugs sit below it and fireplaces often face it. When the coffee table has such a key role to play in your living room, isn’t it important to choose and style one carefully?

A large square coffee table may sound simple, but this four-sided piece packs a punch. When combined with drawers or lower tiers it can be a handy storage unit, and when topped with woven trays and book stacks it becomes a stylish space to display décor. If the traditional wooden coffee table isn’t for you, there are plenty of other options to choose from including metal, glass, and stone.

Not sure which square coffee table is the right fit for your home? Let us help you with this stunning collection we have curated below.

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