29 Minimal Bathroom Décor Ideas With Unexpected Results

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July 28, 2023
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The statement “less is more” perfectly depicts the unexpected results you will see after focusing on minimal bathroom décor. The term “minimal” may sound unexciting, but the corresponding décor is far from it.

While minimal décor can feature calming neutrals and white walls, it doesn’t have to. There are countless ways to achieve this look by adding bold accents and even a few rustic elements. The main goal is to create a contemporary space free of distraction and unnecessary embellishments. Floating vanities are a great place to start. The sleek design of these pieces creates the illusion of minimalism while adding a modern touch. Focus on the basics and stick to necessity. This means including vanities, mirrors, and lighting without all the added decorations. Scroll down to see our carefully selected images to help you create the minimal bathroom of your dreams.

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