27 Ways to Update Your Bathroom with White Tiles and Black Grout


Published: December 16, 2022
Updated: December 1, 2023

Can you name a more classic color combination than black and white? Unlikely. White tiles with black grout are a popular look being championed by modern farmhouse fans not only for their striking interior appeal but also for the ability to conceal dirt – what’s not to love?

Goodbye, white grout – white tiles outlined with black grout create a rustic and more distinctive tiled space that accentuates the color and pattern of the tiles. Tiles can often be overlooked as merely a functional feature but with a black-and-white color duo you can show off your tiles so they become an interior statement. Subway, hexagonal, or herringbone: whatever style you choose, white tiles with black grout will finish the look off perfectly.

Ready for your new tile love affair? We have compiled some gorgeous examples of white tiles with black grout to help you feel inspired.

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