27 Black and White Bathroom Décor With Monochrome Magic

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February 26, 2023
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Black and white bathroom décor is a classic and charming way to update your bathroom. Nothing captures the focus of a bathroom like the clean and smooth lines of a monochrome space. Geometric patterned tiles on both walls and floors are sure to intrigue and delight and give your space a modern twist.

To create a pleasant empty canvas, go for white walls where you can hang shelves for ornaments, trinkets, and bathroom necessities. Or perhaps paint one black wall to move focus to the sink area or to add depth to the space.

If you’re not looking for any big changes right now, monochrome accessories can be the way to go. A white vase holding black incense sticks looks chic perched next to the sink area, or you can put hand wash and lotion in black bottles with white labels. However you do it, make it monochrome and magical!

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