18 Leather Accent Chairs for Living Room to Add a Warm Touch


Published: June 30, 2022
Updated: May 10, 2023

18 Leather Accent Chairs for Living Room to Add a Warm Touch

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June 30, 2022
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The art of creating beautiful living room seating is all about finding the right pairing of colors and textures. Leather accent chairs for living room are a great way to add sumptuous texture to your space. Whether real or faux, leather living room chairs are a stunning complement to linen sofas and wooden coffee tables. If you already have a leather sofa, look for leather accent chairs in a different color or finish. 

Brown leather is the most popular color among homeowners due to its warm and inviting appeal but a black leather chairs living room can also exude sophistication. Leather accent chairs can also be paired with wooden or metal frames for even more style. Whether you go with smooth or worn leather, the following luxurious leather chairs for living room are bound to get people doing double takes.

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