30 Recessed Lighting Ideas To Brighten Your Living Space


Published: July 7, 2023
Updated: November 22, 2023

Recessed lighting is a traditional and timeless way to approach enhancing and supplementing the light within large and small living spaces alike. Here we will provide a few recessed lighting ideas to show you what this type of feature might look like in your home.

Recessed lighting is a great option for those who want to focus on supplementing the main light fixtures in their homes because they are relatively inconspicuous when they’re not in use and they work with just about every style and every ceiling type. You can install them in recessed ceilings, vaulted ceilings, A-frames, low ceilings, and even exposed beams and shelving. They are small enough to position in between pendant lights or chandeliers too, which is why they work wonderfully as a supplemental lighting option. You have an array of sizes to pick from too. Smaller recessed lights would look stunning as a border in a TV room ceiling, or a shelving unit, while larger ones would make a big impact in a pitched ceiling where you need plenty of light.

Check out how these designers got creative with their recessed lighting. Take note of how they coordinated them with alternative light sources as well so you can gather ideas on how to do the same in your home.

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