26 Farmhouse Double Front Doors to Add a Country Charm


Published: August 2, 2022
Updated: March 8, 2024

If you have a farmhouse home, you will want to carry the country aesthetic through to the exterior of your home. One simple way to make the front of your house stand out is with farmhouse double front doors. Having two front doors side-by-side boosts your curb appeal by creating a symmetrical look that radiates gentle grandeur. Double entry doors also provide a wide opening that can make your entrance feel more open and inviting. 

Farmhouse front doors are commonly constructed from stained wood, but a modern farmhouse double front door will often be finished with painted wood in chic and contemporary colors like white, gray, or black. To bring extra natural light into your entryway, consider installing farmhouse double front doors with glass or an additional transom window above your entrance. Here is some inspiration for how to give your home exterior the attention it deserves with a farmhouse double front door.

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