33 Kitchen Island Chairs to Entertain in Style


Published: August 13, 2022
Updated: March 8, 2024

Kitchens are all about functionality and lighting, so sometimes we just don’t have the space for extra décor pieces, by adding kitchen island chairs you can merge function and design. Kitchen décor is about taking everyday kitchen features and making them spectacular; so why miss out on an opportunity to surround your kitchen island with chairs or stools that you adore?

There are so many directions you can go in when choosing your kitchen island seating. A distressed metal stool is an excellent addition to any rustic kitchen, or rattan counter chairs to create a comfortable area for seating. There truly are countless options when it comes to these pieces, and you will no doubt have the time of your life deciding which ones are right for you. But be sure to choose wisely or your guests may never want to leave! Have a look below and see how kitchen island chairs can elevate your space.

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