27 Blue Kitchen Islands for the Ultimate Kitchen Makeover


Published: July 31, 2022
Updated: November 16, 2023

From time to time everyone slips into a decorating slump and might need a little inspiration; luckily your new kitchen muse has arrived in the form of a blue kitchen island. Unlike every other room in your home, a kitchen has a unique set of difficulties when it comes to accessorizing because of the amount of traffic circulating through. With a vibrantly colored island you don’t have to worry about that delicate centerpiece or perfectly matching hand towel.

Gather your loved ones around a navy-blue island with gold pendant lighting; or have that quiet morning coffee while you are perched atop a rustic wood stool beside your powder blue island. A kitchen island is not only for convenience, but it also provides a space to gather and because of that it should be as vibrant as you are! The only problem you will have now is deciding which blue you love the most. We are here to help with that so have your paintbrush ready and take a look below!

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