27 Gray Tile Bathrooms That Are Anything but Uninspiring


Published: April 11, 2022
Updated: November 16, 2023

Gray is an excellent color choice for many bathrooms. A gray tile bathroom is neutral enough to balance out bold color schemes, but also weighty enough to stand on its own as the main color. Although gray tiles give off a softer and more delicate look, they are far from boring! You can choose from many different shades of gray bathroom tiles, each with their own unique personalities.

 Light gray tiles add a softer, gentler touch, while dark gray bathroom tiles can create a confident, handsome space. In terms of style, gray marble is a popular choice among homeowners wishing to emulate the luxury of a spa, while gray hexagon tiles or subway tiles can add visual interest to any bathroom. Take a look at the following ideas for creating a gray tile bathroom you will look forward to relaxing in every day.

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