33 Incredible Front Door Plants to Beautify Your House


Published: August 30, 2022
Updated: December 4, 2023

One incredible way to beautify the outside of your house is to add front door plants. It may sound like there are not many variations of green bushes next to your front door, but there are many ways to vary the type of plant and pot to showcase your personal style.

You can place a perennial outside your front door for year-round beauty. Another option is to change the plants you have with the season. Put a group of colorful mums outside your door in the fall. Plant hydrangeas in front door planters for the summer. Place a small pine tree next to your front door for the holiday season. Enjoy peonies outside your front door around Mother’s Day.

You can’t go wrong when adding outdoor plants to your home. So browse through this gallery of front door planter ideas to get some ideas on how to add front door plants and beautify your home.

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