35 Black Lantern Décor Ideas for a Cozy and Classic Look


Published: December 29, 2022
Updated: December 1, 2023

When you want to create ambiance and a welcoming vibe in your home, black lanterns are the perfect décor for function as well as style. Indoor or outdoor, lanterns are a beacon of beauty. The enclosed part of the lantern ensures your lighting is protected but they also look stunning when they aren’t lit!

Perfect for creating a cozy vibe, these decorative delights can be styled beautifully in any room of the house and will complement your interior, whatever the style. Don’t feel pressured to use black lanterns simply as light fixtures hanging from the wall. Experiment with this décor by grouping them on porch steps or sitting by a fireplace. Maybe you want to style them as a trio of varying sizes on your dining room table or standing alone on a floating shelf. There are plenty of ways to mix and match to find your preferred lantern look.

If you feel inspired to customize your space with black lanterns, check out some of our favorite ideas here.

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