32 Fireplace Gate Options That Offer Safety and Style


Published: November 21, 2022
Updated: December 6, 2023

A fireplace gate acts as a shield to protect a room from open flames and flying sparks. It can also help keep children and pets away from fire when the fireplace is in use. Fireplace gates are often made of metal, glass, or wire mesh that allow them to even function as decorative pieces. Placed in front of the firebox on open-hearth fireplace unit, a fireplace screen can easily do double duty as both a practical and stylish accessory.

For many fireplaces, a black fireplace screen is a classic option. Black wrought iron gates can come in a variety of looks, from modern to antique. An antique fireplace screen may bring a certain charm that is ideal for farmhouse fireplaces, while minimalist gates are great for contemporary spaces. Take a peek at the following fireplace screens to see what style you might like for your own home.

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