21 Trendy Winter Wonderland Living Rooms To Inspire You


Published: November 14, 2023
Updated: November 14, 2023

A winter wonderland living room is a home’s most prominent decorative space during the holiday season. Most of the designs displayed include some form of Christmas tree, which sets the stage for the remaining décor. Various wintery decorations, including pillows, garlands, throws, and lights, fill the remaining spaces surrounding fireplaces, sofas, and console tables.

An important element to consider when designing a Christmas theme is where you’ll source your decorations. Modern designs come from big box stores like Target or Amazon, whereas a farmhouse or shabby chic theme may inspire you to venture to your local antique shop or thrift store for more traditional pieces. It is also important to select your color scheme, whether you are dedicated to a classic green, red, and silver or a more contemporary look with black, white, and gold. Whichever you choose, curating a cohesive and coordinated space is sure to invite the ambiance of a winter wonderland all your own.

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