Jamie Murray

Jamie Murray, Interior Designer

Owner of Rift Sawn Studio
Color Expert
Custom Furniture Design
Interior Architecture and Space Planning
Branded Interiors
Interior Design at FIDM, Los Angeles
Jamie Murray is an experienced and multi-talented interior designer with over a decade of industry experience. Her creative and collaborative approach results in unique, tailored designs that elevate the lifestyle of her clients. She has worked on a range of projects, including with the renowned AD100 designer Ken Fulk. She grew up in the beaches of Los Angeles, and has lived in both the city and countryside of Northern California, giving her a unique understanding of the needs of both urban and rural clients. When not designing, Jamie enjoys cooking, skiing, hiking, and spending time with her two beloved dogs.


  • Jamie’s interior design projects have garnered attention from notable industry publications, having been featured in Dwell magazine, which focuses on modern architecture and design, as well as Architectural Digest (AD), a publication that highlights the work of distinguished designers from the AD100 list.
  • Boasting 11 years of industry experience, Jamie possesses a deep well of knowledge and expertise that she draws upon for each project. Her commitment ensures that every space is not only visually striking but also practical, serving the needs and preferences of her clients with precision.
  • Her design expertise extends to a wide array of environments, encompassing both private residences and public commercial spaces.
  • Jamie is a member of Soul & Lane’s Home Decor Review Board



  • Diverse Industry Experience: Brings over a decade of expertise in interior design, with a special focus on high-end remodels and new construction, seamlessly blending modern techniques with classic aesthetics.
  • Large-Scale Project Management: Proven track record in leading and managing extensive, multi-year international interior design projects with budgets exceeding $20 million, ensuring meticulous attention to detail and budget adherence.
  • New Construction Expertise: Has successfully spearheaded seven new-build projects, showcasing the ability to oversee projects from the ground up, integrating cutting-edge design trends with functional living spaces.
  • Comprehensive Renovations: Experienced in conducting 25 gut remodels, demonstrating the ability to completely transform spaces while maintaining structural integrity and enhancing aesthetic appeal.
  • Adventurous Design Ventures: Expanded design horizons by incorporating unique elements through work on three adventure vehicle projects, showcasing versatility and innovative use of space.
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