12 Creative Ways to Use Blue Tile in Your Space


Published: January 9, 2023
Updated: November 30, 2023

Blue tile is a striking accent that can dress up a room in creative ways. While it’s most common to use tile for floors or shower walls, tile also works as a decorative detail with a lot of impacts. Bigger and bolder kitchen backsplashes have become trendy. Consider bright and vibrant blue as an alternative to white subway tile. Fireplaces are another place to show off the tile. Consider placement, such as the floor, hearth, mantel, or fireplace wall. Inlays of decorative tile in small areas are an option too.

Experiment with how much of an area is covered with tile. What about shower tile that expands to cover the bathroom walls for richer color? Or a floor with a small section of colorful tile for emphasis? Outdoor areas can utilize tile too. Consider patios, walkways, and even swimming pools as places to show off this popular color. Let’s explore some innovative ways you can use blue tile to pack a punch in any space!

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