27 Ways To Use Black and White Wallpaper to Make a Statement


Published: February 17, 2023
Updated: November 29, 2023

Do you want something a little bit different? Are you tired of looking at a bare wall? Do you want to make a statement without being committed to one theme? Consider black and white wallpaper to help you transform any room and make a statement.

Black and white are classic colors. Together they both contrast and complement, and are dazzling when combined with other colors. Suitable for either farmhouse or modern décor, black and white wallpaper will transform any space into an eye-catching statement. Consider pairing black and white wallpaper in a bedroom with bold colors such as red, blue, or even pink. If you prefer a neutral palette black and white wallpaper paired with beige and other neutral tones have a classic and distinguished appeal.

Don’t limit yourself to the bedroom. Black and white wallpaper in the bathroom adds an unexpected but stunning appeal. Pair muted black and white wallpaper with wood or earthy tones for a farmhouse or cottage-inspired ambiance. Focus on bold colors like red, blue, or neutral tones to accent black and white wallpaper in a modern bathroom. The beauty of black and white wallpaper is that it is very forgiving, and it pairs well with everything, so don’t be afraid to think outside the box. Black and white wallpaper will welcome creativity.

For inspiration, consider some of these carefully curated selections to help you incorporate black and white wallpaper in your home and make a statement.

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